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Ask a tapping master any questions you wanted and get better results!
I hear it from my clients all the time. They want to tap more, but their uncertainty holds them back. Either they don't know what tapping phrases to say, or they just don't know where to start with their issue. 

This creates two problems. 

First, by not tapping they aren't getting the results they want and second, they feel bad because they aren't tapping when they know they should be tapping!

I don't want you to be in this situation!

The reality is that there’s a difference between knowing how to tap and being skilled at what I call the art of delivery. The art of delivery means that you don't just know how to tap, but you know the best way to use tapping in the moment.

When you are better at the art of delivery you know which tool or technique to use and when. This means you are more confident in your tapping ability, whether working on your own or with clients. 

Most importantly it means that when you want to tap, you will actually tap, you will find the relief you want, and you won't beat yourself up for not tapping.

In order to help you improve your art of delivery, I have created the Art of Delivery Monthly to offer you the opportunity to learn firsthand how to get more out of your tapping.

Each month we will cover a new topic that will deepen your knowledge and grow your confidence. Some sessions will be topic based (like resistance) and others will be technique based (such as how to apply NLP meta models to tapping).

In addition to learning new skills you will also get a chance to practice them right away with other participants, so you’ll gain valuable knowledge AND experience.

In addition to the teaching you will also have the chance to ask me your most pressing questions about tapping and the opportunity to tap with me on the issues that are most pressing in the moment.

The Art of Delivery sessions will take place twice each month on the second Tuesday at 8pm Eastern and the second Sunday at 12 noon Eastern. You can attend either or both sessions each month.

Each session is broken into five parts so that you can get the most out of the experience. Check out the full details below...

The monthly sessions will build your confidence and helping you to realize your potential with tapping, making each and every session more powerful.
Here's Exactly What You Will Receive In Each Art of Delivery Monthly Session...
Teaching and Instruction
Each month I will teach you a new tool or technique to get the most out of your tapping. This monthly training will make it easy to get better results with your tapping by helping you find root causes faster, clear issues more quickly and have longer lasting results.
Practical Experience 
The small group experiences will help you to experience the tools and teaching firsthand so you can integrate the teaching into your tapping tool box and tap with confidence on your own.
Questions and Answers
This coaching makes it a snap for you to understand the nuances of the tools and techniques which enables you to deepen your understanding of the tool set and have total command of the new skills.
Ask Me Anything 
This section of the coaching is when you can ask me as many questions as you like about the best way to approach tricky tapping issues, or about specific issues you are struggling with in new ways. AND your questions don't have to be limited to questions about tapping. 

If you are a tapping practitioner, these sessions will be useful for clarifying the steps you need to take in your business so that you can make the impact you wish to make in the world AND be profitable.
Tapping Jam
This group tapping experience is a great opportunity to tap on any issues you've been struggling with on your own and to borrow benefits from tapping on everyone else's issues.
MP3 Recordings Of Each Session
Each session will be recorded so that you can get more out of the training by listening to it more than once, deepening your understanding of the tools and techniques and integrating them into your tapping practice. 

You will receive recordings of both sessions each month.
Normally it would cost you $450 for this sort of personal instruction
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $27
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